Links for Friday, 3 April 2015 

Smith Maps
The geological maps of William Smith, now clickable and browsable. Look at the cross-sections too, they’re lovely.

I ♥︎ Dots: Why I signed Martha Lane Fox’s petition | Matt Edgar writes here

“Dots are a strategy.” Linking to this not just because I get a shout out in it, but because Matt says clever things. Matt always says clever things.

A barrow by a beacon
A story of a walk, which can be told and read in many different ways. This is absolutely lovely.

Emotional labor for Gmail
Make your outgoing emails a little cheerier, without actually having to be cheery yourself (thanks @fitzsimple)

Touch And Sew
This is a blog by another Giles Turnbull. He has been through some difficult times, but manages to stay positive and cheerful, and last year took up quilting.

FT podcasts
A new discovery (for me anyway). Some good stuff here.